Higgs particle spotted?


First higgs particle spotted? We have discovered indications for the existence of an unexpected light higgs boson for strong interactions. More details at http://cft.fis.uc.pt/eef/setting.htm
The CDF Collaboration at Tevatron (Fermilab) and the ATLAS Collaboration at LHC (CERN), are looking for the Standard Model higgs boson, or God particle, which is supposed to be much heavier. Our mysterious resonance is most probably a light scalar glueball, related to the disintegration of elementary particles and quark-gluon interactions. Its existence had been expected for three decades. We obtained our physics breakthrough from data collected by the BABAR Collaboration on the Upsilon system.
The tantalizing new particle, possibly discovered by the CDF Collaboration, is over 3000 times more heavy than the very light higgs for strong interactions which we have spotted.


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