Bye bye Big Bang bewijs?


Big Bang Gravitational Waves Discovered

Scientists are getting closer than ever to understanding the origins of the Universe. For the first time, they have glimpsed behind the veil that covers the Big Bang, spotting the footprints of something called primordial gravitational waves. For those studying the beginning of the Universe, this is big news.


Stephen Hawking claims victory in Big Bang bet

Top scientists disagree over the terms of the wager as ‘gravitational waves’ discovery is questioned The acclaimed theoretical physicist told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that the discovery proves his theory of “inflation” in the early universe, and shows Professor Neil Turok, another space expert, is wrong in his belief that there are a series of Big Bangs in a cyclic universe.

However, Prof Turok, who has previously worked alongside Prof Hawking, told the show their wager was actually based on a different experiment and urged for caution towards the new breakthrough, saying it was “not entirely convincing”.

De ontdekking van de eeuw, nobelprijswaardige waargenomen waardes, de theorie werd ineens vanuit het niets praktijk… maar is dat echt wel zo? Het grote nieuws werd al snel in twijfel getrokken..

Has the recent discovery of gravitational waves been reduced to dust? Not so fast.

The news that ripples in space-time, called gravitational waves, had been spotted stunned the physics community earlier this year. This week, rumours began swirling that the scientists who reported the find have now admitted to making a mistake. The team missed a key detail in its analysis of galactic dust, the rumours suggest, making it more likely that the signal came from a source other than gravitational waves.

But the team’s response to this claim is unequivocal: “We’ve done no such thing,” says principal investigator John Kovac at Harvard University. The validity of the discovery won’t be known until another group either supports or opposes their finding, which could happen later this year.

In de ogen van het Zuidpool team kan het dus nog steeds de ontdekking van de eeuw zijn..

Maar in de tussentijd speel ik dit filmpie even af…

en voeg deze theorie er dan aan toe…

Consider the Big Bang. Some scientists claim that it was the product of a quantum fluctuation, but this is impossible.

Quantum mechanics is intimately related to space and time, but scientists will eagerly tell you that space and time didn’t exist before the Big Bang, hence neither did quantum mechanics, hence there was no ineffable quantum fluctuation that gave rise to the Big Bang. No scientist has ever grasped that the Big Bang cannot be explained by the laws of physics if these are fundamentally materialistic in nature – since there was no material prior to the Big Bang, hence no laws of physics. According to materialism, the materialistic laws of physics must come into being WITH the Big Bang, hence have no connection with the CAUSE of the Big Bang. Logically, from the perspective of materialism, the laws of physics are an effect of the Big Bang, not its cause….

We hebben het er maar druk mee, alles moét een begin hebben..

Zullen we ooit onweerlegbaar bewijs vinden voor de Big Bang theorie?


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